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Not a fan

Not a fan of Limp Bizkit anyway.

TheHated: Slipknot aren't exactly a good band. They sound like a bunch of pigs struggling to breathe. Listen to some proper metal :D


I love it. one of the more "meaningful" flashes. The writing reminds me of salad fingers. It's a very interesting flash. One of the only things that I found wrong with this is it was a bit too slow. but wow, I liked it.

It was great, you made it possible to connect with the character straight away. Well done. 5/5

Dysto responds:

I like salad fingers, and other david firth's flashes. The animated writing is pretty much copied from him. I needed to clearly seperate the 2 text styles.

99 red balloons!

Omg I love that song! Gogo Goldfinger ( Yes I know they didn't originally do it )
As for the flash, nice. Very nice use of camera angles, nice mood you set, I love the whole idea of it. You're a great flash artist. Keep it up!
99 red balloons...


Fucking brilliant, I love the music at the start, Lake Bodom...brilliant song. The recordings were a bit cruddy, though..
Fantastic graphics, great storyline, great characters.
Keep it up, really.


Especially for a first. but I really don't like that pig at the start of the animation..I dunno he just annoys me for some reason. this of course, does not affect the quality of your animation. You're talented, so keep at it and you'll definitely make king of the portal some day =p

grandel44 responds:

haha, ya.... stupid pig


Lol that was funny, I loved the pube muppet remark. Made me laugh :)

SamFisherClock responds:

hehe thanks

I enjoyed it

But god damn..the nostalgia won't go away now.

Thanks for bringing back great memories.

However, the animation wasn't fantastic, mainly a bunch of pictures, really. What was that white stuff over the dancing marios? O.o

Still, it had a nice atmosphere to it. <3

While you scored high in my ratings...

Your lack of originality really brings this movie down. I can't help but feel you've just totally ripped off madness ( I know you mentioned it was inspired )

Don't take offense to this, however. You've got talent. Just show it in an innovative way. With your animation style and brilliant brutality, you can produce something that will kick ass hardcore. I just don't think this is worthy of top spot, over the madness cartoons.

Keep it up, though. =)

Brilliant graphics

But I can't seem to find enjoyment in watching this. It's very comic book like, as is all your work. I guess when I see something as high scoring as this, I expect outstanding animation and art. The outstanding art you have acheived, but as far as animation goes, well, it's minimal. I'm not telling you to change your style, not for this series, but perhaps in your future work, I'd advise you throw some animation in.

As far as storyline goes, I guess I should watch from the start. But I don't know, this doesn't seem like a series that can grab my attention.

Don't let this discourage you, your work is brilliant, just the lack of animation puts me off.


While I hate flashes like this, I love IsOnFire stuff =D

IsOnFire responds:

Therefore, you win. Plus 5 points for you.

I write music and I like to watch stuff. :)

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