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the best part about this..

It wasn't just another MIDI import like you see -EVERYWHERE- on this site. you did a really nice job with the piece. The ending seems to be cut a little too short, but I really enjoyed it.

I don't usually like techno aspects in FF songs either, but again, you did better than a lot of people do.

Realmguys responds:

Thank you for saying so, I really appreciate the feedback and review. :)

Is really cool.

Unlike most remixes on here, you at least changed quite a lot and gave it a pretty nice spin. Good job introducing the original part then developing it with your own creativity n_n


this is fucking awesome haha. you're such a hacker, you know.

Amazing ;_;

Again..just incredible. You're a really talented composer, it's strange I haven't seen your stuff around the portal much..then again I don't lurk too much.

Anyway, you're perfect with volume balances, and creating that semi ambient field with the music. I absolutely love this song, and I think you can be on my favourite artists list <3

kelwynshade responds:

Haha. Thanks a bunch. I've only discovered Newgrounds from a buddy around september of last year and figured this would be a great place to keep me inspired to compose and post often.

I appreciate the comments and will glady take a seat in your favorites list.


Awesome RPG feel to it, really simple melody, and really happy. Absolutely love it :D

kelwynshade responds:

Hooray. Glad you love it!


awesomely creepy, really well made. This ambient noise would suit a game perfectly, or perhaps a horror movie. I could just see it in a movie like The Ring or something. maybe Saw :)

Well done ;D 5/5

JakesFable responds:

Thanks very much man ;)


Absolutely blown away by this piece, it fits the image of an egyptian panorama perfectly. Honestly, I could see this in a movie. I love it :) The drums in the background kept a nice beat, and the harp sounded really nice with its subtle strums.


I was tapping my foot to this one. It's not the style of music I usually listen to, but I appreciate this song. If that's you singing, you have a really great voice. Awesome recording, the guitar during the breaks was really nice. It's really good for chilling out, if you don't already, then you should play this at a bar or something :D

Simple but nice

Not heaps to say about this one, it was really simple, but it would go really well if it was coupled with a movie, or a game. It's nice on the ears and not too invasive. I like it a lot :D

Just awesome

I've got this song at the top of my winamp list, this is great, I listen to it heaps O_O

Just awesome techno :D Love the orchestral bits

I write music and I like to watch stuff. :)

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